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Want to get the most out of your phone chat line experience? Here are some tips to ensure you attract exactly what you are looking for:

Recording a Greeting

This is the most important step of your chatline experience as it will set the tone for the rest of your interactions. Follow these guidelines for recording your greeting to ensure you make your intentions clear for those looking to chat with you.
  • Speak clearly and concisely– Make sure you are not mumbling into the phone, or speaking too quietly or your conversation partners won’t be able to understand your greeting. Also- keep it short or you run the risk of losing the interest of the other party. Just stick to the basics, you will have plenty of time to fill in the details later!
  • Introduce yourself– Give a name, a general area you are calling for, a brief physical description if you wish. Tell the other party something about yourself that they can connect with. You will find that you get better quality messages when you give your listeners something to ask you about or discuss right off the bat in your greeting.
  • State your intention– Are you looking for dirty chat, flirt chat, single chat, anonymous chat, or something on the side? Whatever you want, make sure you state it in your greeting after you list a few things about yourself. This way you will ensure those that respond to you are looking for the same things and avoid wasting time.

Sending a Message

Find someone you like the sound of? Why not send them a direct message letting them know you are interested- but before you do, read these tips.
  • Make an Impression: You want to stand out when sending a message to ensure that the other party returns your interest. Ways you can do this are by using the other person’s name, picking out something they have said in their greeting to discuss, asking a direct question or even adding humor. The more personalized you make the message to that person, the more likely they are to respond.
  • Make the first move: The phone chat line is a bit like speed dating- you are introduced to a bunch of new people in a very short amount of time- the benefit here is that you can choose to spend longer amounts of time should you find someone you like. That being said, it is important not to be shy and to speak up if you hear something you like. Be confident in sending the first message and don’t be afraid to play yourself up a bit. After all, your message is kind of like your personal ad- so make it count!

Live Chat

Okay so you’ve got his or her interest- now what? Don’t panic, see below!
  • Have Topics Prepared: Unlike the greeting or the message, live chat is just that- live! And while hopefully your natural charisma will kick in ASAP, it is important to have a few topics prepared to start off the conversation. It is not ideal to have the same topics for every conversation you have because the material will get stale. Instead, try jotting down a few common topics every time before you call to change it up a little. You can base them on things you are thinking about or looking for that day, or just generally relatable subjects that would be easy for the other person to follow.
  • Ask Questions: Something about this person prompted you to take it to the next level in live chat- so make sure you ask them about it. Did they list a career you are interested in? Or maybe they stated their preference and it lined up with yours. Picking out direct points about the other person’s greeting or messages lets them know you were paying attention, and gives them something easy to talk about.
  • Have Fun with it! It’s important to remember that while you liked the other person enough to connect live, they obviously felt the same if they accepted. This provides a great space for you two to acknowledge your mutual attraction and see where it goes. At this stage, you already know you have a foot in the door so you needn’t be nervous- just sit back and enjoy the conversation. The more relaxed and at east you are- the more comfortable the other person will be speaking with you too.

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